Twitter Trends #SayNoToHalal, Netizens Express Anger Regarding Halal Certified Body In India

Twitter users trend #SayNoToHalal on the microblogging site on the 9th of September. The netizens of India are questioning halal certification body. With the certification of halal and the establishment of the Halal Certification Body, items like meat, beef, milk and other edible things would be given under halal certified stamp.

Showing anger and objection over the halal certification, Twitteratis trended #SayNoToHalal and demanded the cancellation of the certification. With the Halal certification body, there would be Halal Certified stamps on several items available in the market. Previously, there was the Food Safety and Standards Authority in India (FSSI) to certify food and other edible Commodities available in the market. However, with the introduction of Halal certification, the items are likely to have Halal certified stamp.

This is not the first time that netizens are expressing backlash at the Halal food items. Earlier, a petition was also filed seeking direction to ban the slaughtering of animals by way of halal.

However, the Supreme Court has refused to entertain such a plea and said, the Apex Court is not going to say who could be vegetarian and non vegetarian.

The court dismissed the plea, saying, “Court cannot determine who can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Those who want to eat halal meat can eat halal meat. Those who want to eat Jhatka meat can eat Jhatka”.

Some of the tweets on #SayNoToHala trending on the social media site are:

“Why are we forced to eat halal food without our consent?”.

“If they can bring their religion into everything then why can’t we? If you want to be atheist or secular, then be it both ways. Otherwise get lost”.

“Don’t support chuslim terror .


More details ”

“Stand against Economic J!had


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