British authorities took action today and froze all the properties of fugitive underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim. The reports revealed that the total assets of the gangster are worth $ 6.7 billion.

Last month Dawood Ibrahim was put on the latest U.K., Treasury department’s Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets.

The action was made after two years when Prime Minister Modi took a trip to the U.K., in 2015 and gave the then British Prime Minister David Cameron a dossier on the underworld gangster.

Forbes listed Dawood as the richest gangster of all time. In the year 2015, Dawood Ibrahim’s net assets were estimated at $ 6.7 billion by Forbes.

In the U.K., alone, Dawood has assets worth $450 million. The gangster has business interests in over a dozen countries over Europe, Africa and South Asia. It has been reported that the Don has invested in nearly 50 properties all around the world.

Dawood Ibrahim has been accused of directly being involved in the Mumbai bomb blasts in 1993. He has also been listed as a global terrorist by the United Nations Security Council.