UP Minister Attempts At Being Kind But Fails

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UP Minister Attempts At Being Kind But Fails

An Uttar Pradesh (UP) Minister attempted to be kind towards a Dalit family, but failed miserably. Minister Suresh Rana surprised a Dalit Family not only with food but also water and cutlery.

The BJP are trying hard to keep the image of being caste tolerant. Mr. Rana proudly posted the images of brand new cutlery used to eat the meal.

Rajnish Kumar from the family was surprised and said, “‘I didn’t even know they are coming for dinner, they came suddenly. All food, water and cutlery they had arranged from outside.”

The feast was spectacular with palak paneer, dal makhni, tandoori roti, chhole, pulao and gulab jamun. Mr. Rana had a fair explanation for bringing his own food but not the fresh cutlery. He said the food was bought from outside because he had many men with him.

Mr. Rajnish Kumar was also stunned because the Minister arrived with his party members at 11:00 P.M. The Local Administrator ensured there was a double bed and coolers for the politician to sleep with ease. However, Minister Rana has denied living in a village in style.

The Dalits have been constantly calling out the BJP Government for turning a blind eye towards the crimes committed against the minority. The BJP party decided something needs to be done as the elections are near. The party asked its lawmakers, Center and State ministers to spend one night in a village with at least 50% Dalits.  

The UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also faced heat over discrimination. Last year, Yogi visited a soldier’s house which stirred quite the controversy. Reports stated an AC was installed in the house before his visit. The party also arranged for a carpet with a saffron sofa and saffron towels for the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister also visited the Musahar Community in UP which is one of the poorest areas in the State. The members of the community stated the Local Administration provided the community with soap and shampoo before Yogi could visit.


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