WhatsApp To Add Desktop Dark Mode, Animated Stickers And QR Code Features

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Recently, on the 1st of July, WhatsApp announced to add new features soon.

With over 2 billion worldwide users, WhatsApp, a social media platform for message services is going to add 5 new features for its users.

Recently, before announcing new features, WhatsApp introduced Dark Mode, increased group voice and video call limit from four to eight, restricted frequently forwarded messages to be sent to more than one chat at a time, and more.

In addition, Dark Mode would be rolled out for WhatsApp web and desktop users. 

Top 5 features which is expected to be added soon are:

Multiple device support:

After being enable, the feature will let users log-in to their WhatsApp account in multiple devices at the same time. 

WhatsApp QR code:

WhatsApp QR code scanner is available in Android beta version now.

WhatsApp will soon let you add new contacts just by scanning a QR code. Users will be able to display their own contact QR code as well as scan the QR code of others to add them to their contacts.

Self-destructing messages:

Similar to WhatsApp Stories or Status, messages sent by user would be able to delete after 24 hours. 

Users would soon be able to send messages that will disappear automatically after a set time period.

WhatsApp has been working on an in-app browser feature that will let users open links sent over chats within the messaging application without having to redirect to the web browser.

Last seen for select friends:

Another amazing feature is going to be launched by WhatsApp soon.

The new feature would allow user to set their last seen to limited or selected friends. 

Animated stickers:

WhatsApp would now get animated stickers. In addition to the ones the platform will add by default, the app will also let users download animated sticker packs from third party apps.

WhatsApp took to Twitter handle and posted an official tweet regarding the same. 


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